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The Ditch News Bulletin


Fly-tipping   Fly-tipping seems to be a problem in Upper Field Close.   We have had reports of household items, such as tables, chairs and other items being dumped on grass verges for the collection by the supposed scrap metal trucks. This has said to have been happening for three years, with some items being left lying for over a month.   The items are reported to Redditch Borough Council who them remove them.   The majority of local Councils…

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M42 Junction 3 / A435 Improvements

M42 junction 3, A435 improvements. May 2019 The Highways Agency is planning to work on the M42 at Junction 3, Portway/Redditch to ease the congestion at peak times. To do this they will be installing a dedicated lane on the M42 westbound onto the A435 southbound. They will also be widening the slip roads and adding a lane sections of the roundabout itself. Why and what are the benefits? The Highways Agency have identified that junction 3 of the M42…

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Ravensbank Drive flood alleviation works

Work starts today on the flood alleviation works on the land south of Ravensbank Drive. The area is at risk according to the Environment Agency’s surface water flood model and the work is to protect various properties and infrastructure downstream the surrounding land is due to be used a flood storage area. The balancing area will store water back and create a wetland environment. This application is to divert the existing watercourse away from the properties at Fairford Close by…

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Residents tell of no longer letting local newspapers

Do you get the local newspapers delivered to your home? We’ve been contacted by several Redditch residents who say they haven’t received a copy of the Redditch Standard or Redditch Advertiser for several weeks and some haven’t had then for up to almost 14 months. Some say they are missing out on vital things such as local news and planning applications, while others don’t mind about getting a physical copy and now read them online. You can comment on our…

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Could incident mean its time for a junction rethink?

There was another incident in Church Hill Centre on October 15th. It happened at the junction with Tanhouse Lane, Church Hill Way and Melbury Way. Several people received injuries in a traffic collision. Traffic coming from either direction, Tanhouse Lane or Melbury Way isn’t required to stop to allowed pedestrians to cross from the Centre site to the car park and visa versa as the point pedestrians use to cross is not an official recognised crossing point. We have seen…

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Bomford Hill Drainage Improvement

The problem of the runway water off Bomford Hill is to be tacked over the coming weeks. Currently the runoff, ends up on the foot and cycle path at the foot of the hill and in some gardens of some rather unfortunate residents of Oldbury Close. New ditches pipe and swales are to created and be installed to capture the rogue water and whisk if off away from the paths and houses. We'll be following the work and shall kept…

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