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Welcome to the Church Hill Blog, your dedicated source for all things Church Hill, Redditch, and beyond. Nestled in the heart of Worcestershire, Church Hill is not just a place; it’s a community, and our platform is here to celebrate and serve it.

At Church Hill Blog, we pride ourselves on being your go-to destination for news and information. Whether you’re looking for updates on national events or the latest happenings in our local area, we’ve got you covered. From breaking stories to in-depth analysis, we strive to keep you informed and engaged with the world around you.

But we’re more than just a news site. We’re your one-stop shop for everything you need to navigate life in Church Hill and beyond. Our weather forecasts will help you plan your day, while our travel section will keep you informed about any disruptions or delays. Need to know what’s happening in the community? Our local info section has you covered, with details on events, services, and more.

As proud supporters of local businesses, we shine a spotlight on the entrepreneurs and enterprises that make Church Hill thrive. From hidden gems to well-known favourites, we’re here to help you discover the best that our community has to offer.

But our commitment to Church Hill goes beyond just reporting the news. We’re dedicated to investigating local issues, advocating for positive change, and giving a voice to those who need it most. Whether it’s holding officials accountable or championing causes close to our hearts, we’re passionate about making Church Hill an even better place to live, work, and play.

So whether you’re a lifelong resident or a curious visitor, we invite you to join us on this journey as we explore the rich tapestry of life in Church Hill, Redditch, and Worcestershire. Together, let’s celebrate our community, support our neighbours, and build a brighter future for us all. Welcome to the Church Hill Blog.

St Leonards Church

Whether you’re strolling through its leafy parks, exploring its historic landmarks, or simply soaking in the friendly atmosphere, Church Hill welcomes all who come to experience its unique charm.

Bomford Hill Park

About Church Hill

Church Hill is a dynamic neighborhood that plays a significant role in the local governance of Redditch. Due to its size and population, yearly elections are held to select councillors who represent the interests of its residents.

Established in 1975, Church Hill is one of the more recent developments in Redditch. Its distinctive layout, reminiscent of the Radburn model, features access roads such as Paper Mill Drive, Ravensbank Drive, and Moons Moat Drive, which encircle the estate, providing convenient connectivity.

Residences in Church Hill are predominantly situated around cul-de-sacs, fostering a sense of community and privacy. The estate encompasses Moon’s Moat, Marlfield Barn, and Bomford Hill, the latter being home to a Peace Memorial, symbolizing the area’s commitment to harmony and unity.

Church Hill is divided into three main sections: North, Centre, and South. The North is primarily composed of private residential properties, while the Centre houses a small commercial hub, including a community center, medical facilities, shops, and schools. In contrast, the South consists mainly of social housing, fostering diversity and inclusivity within the neighborhood.

Separated by Church Hill Way, a buses-only road, the North and South sections maintain distinct identities while coexisting harmoniously. This unique geometric layout, typical of planned new town developments, aims to promote social cohesion while respecting individual lifestyles.

Church Hill’s educational institutions, notably Church Hill Middle School, serve as focal points for community integration, bringing together children from diverse backgrounds. Although Church Hill North previously had two first schools, Ravensbank First School and Marfield Farm First School, they have since been consolidated or closed.

Named after St. Leonard’s Church and the hill upon which it stands, Church Hill embodies a rich history and a promising future. We invite you to explore our website and discover all that Church Hill has to offer – from its picturesque landscapes to its vibrant community spirit. Welcome to Church Hill – where neighbours become family, and every voice is heard.

A map showwing the Church Hill District
A Church Hill Housing Estate

Note: The Church Hill Blog would like to alert you to the fact that while the Blog and most posting are generally not specifically political, some postings may undoubtedly contain a degree of political bias in the direction of the articles Author or Editor’s own views – as you would expect. You are free not to read those ones if you prefer.

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