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About Us

The Official Church Hill Blog covers anything and everything that goes on in the small but sometimes perfectly formed local of Church Hill In Redditch.

We publish publish news, stories, events and other that may interest residents of Church Hill. We promote local Government activities and works , we will also provide a platform to allow comments and opinion of those whom have something to say about the area. We welcome comments and communications from residents on any topic that may concern them.

Things we may focus on: local events, shops and restaurants, community issues, local politics, planning issues, education, parking problems, traffic jams, accidents, incidents, Police, crime and everything in between. Some views, musings, thoughts and ideas expressed maybe those of the article author and or Church Hill Blog Team.

The Church Hill Blog would like to alert you to the fact that while the Blog and most posting are generally not specifically political, some postings may undoubtedly contain a degree of political bias in the direction of the articles Author or Editor’s own views – as you would expect. You are free not to read those ones if you prefer.

If you have a story, concern, campaign, promotion or simply a complaint that you think the rest of Church Hill should know about then you can get in touch via the contact page