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The Green Cross Code 2016 Style

Do todays kids no longer get taught The Green Cross Code?
You know, how to cross a road…

Who remembers, Stop, Look, Listen and Think…

The public information films of the 70’s and 80;s with David Prowse dressed in a distinctive green and white superhero suit accompanied by a robot known as Droid.

The ‘Green Cross Code Man’ series was a part of a wider campaign to raise awareness of the Green Cross Code. Introduced in 1971, the Code procedure was designed to enable pedestrians to cross streets safely. The campaigns specifically targeted children, who in the early 1970s accounted for half of all casualties on the road.

Following the launch of the Green Cross Code, casualties dropped by 11 per cent. But six months later the rate was as high as before. The need to constantly relay road safety messages explains why pedestrian public information films were so frequently released.

In 1975 the number of children killed on the roads had fallen to 505, the lowest since the 1950s. By 2003 the figure was as low as 171 children. But with as many as 3,929 children being seriously injured on the roads each year, the work of road safety campaigns is far from done.

I doubt you could many of the 70s Public Information Films today, including the Green Cross Code Ones, far too may bedwetters would get scared.

Instead of teaching kids how to cross roads, we put perdestrian barriers everywhere in the nannying way that we have become.

You can watch the 1975 Green Cross Code here:

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