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The A441 Traffic Saga

There have been traffic problems on the A441 Alvechurch Highway/Birmingham Road ever since the go-ahead was given for house building.
According to the Agent Gallagher “As part of a joint venture with a national house builder, planning permission was secured for 200 new homes along with B1 office space and open space.
The open space is situated to the north of Weights Lane and incorporates a flood attenuation pond as part of the sustainable drainage strategy for both the residential and employment development whilst also providing a haven for a wide variety of flora and fauna.
A new roundabout serving the site from the A441 Birmingham Road provides the primary means of access for the residential development and a secondary access onto Birmingham Road serves the employment development.”
Approaching from Junction 2, there is no warning of trouble ahead until you are cross the lights at the Dagnall End Junction.
Surely it wouldn’t take much to stick a sign either end of the A441 warning of traffic lights and the delays it is causing with the offer of another route to those who don’t wish to sit twiddling their thumbs sitting in queues that stretch back to the island at Sainsbury and in the other direction towards Alvechurch.
The weekend just past the lights were still there with no one doing anything. I see little point for the lights when there doesn’t seem to be any visible need for them.
Clearly building doesn’t come with a qualification in logic or sense.
Image © Gallagher Estates 2015.

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