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Ravensbank Drive flood alleviation works

Work starts today on the flood alleviation works on the land south of Ravensbank Drive.

The area is at risk according to the Environment Agency’s surface water flood model and the work is to protect various properties and infrastructure downstream the surrounding land is due to be used a flood storage area.

The balancing area will store water back and create a wetland environment. This application is to divert the existing watercourse away from the properties at Fairford Close by creating a meander. The excavated material will be used to form a bund to retain water within a floodable area. This floodable area will be a partial wetland to create a habitat. There will be a control structure which will be a 900mm.

The forestry team at Redditch Borough Council have also been removing a large number of non- native Poplar trees on site with a view to undertake a replanting scheme after these flood alleviation works have been carried out.

The land will then remain undeveloped and a wetland habitat created so it retains a green corridor throughout that section of Church Hill.

The works are starting this week and should take 4-8 weeks, weather permitting. After the project has been completed there will be a planting day to improve the surrounding environment – if you would be interested in volunteering for this please get in touch and we can pass your details on to the team.

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