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The Ditch News Bulletin

Pond Management Update

The latest on the Pond regeneration project in Northleech; the galvanized bow top fencing is being installed around the pond, this is to secure this area so that it is safer for young children and families. I think you’ll agree it looks better, and in time when the greenery and shrubs begin to grow it will look tidy.

During October and November the Landscape and Drainage teams performed some vegetation clearance around the pond which they’ve nearly completed, then they will consider if any silt needs removing is cost beneficial and will look into see if they can plant some species which could improve the biodiversity, be low maintenance and make the area look nicer. In 2018 some flood alleviation work will be looked to be acted upon if possible, to balance out the pond during heavy rainfall.

Bomford Hill is also to get some flood alleviation to prevent runoff from affecting the roads and paths around it, along with close residential proprieties which are affected.

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