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M42 Junction 3 / A435 Improvements

M42 junction 3, A435 improvements. May 2019

The Highways Agency is planning to work on the M42 at Junction 3, Portway/Redditch to ease the congestion at peak times. To do this they will be installing a dedicated lane on the M42 westbound onto the A435 southbound. They will also be widening the slip roads and adding a lane sections of the roundabout itself.

Why and what are the benefits?

The Highways Agency have identified that junction 3 of the M42 suffers from congestion at peak times. With the plan construction of new homes and businesses in the area they decided that this work is needed sooner rather than later. The work will reduce waiting times and ease the flow of traffic around the junction. They will also be resurfacing and putting new markings which will create a smooth surface and safer junction by making the markings more visible. It will also reduce the chances of rear end collision is on the M42 itself as people queue to join junction three.

When will this would take place?

The work is planned to commence on 7 May 2019 and complete by the end of 2019. While carrying out the work the Highways Agency will need to reduce the approaches and exits as well as the roundabout to a single lane. To establish a working area, they will need full night closures on the slips and the roundabouts from 7 May 2019 to 10 May 2019 from 8 PM until 6 AM.

They will then need a series of night -time closures in addition to the permanent lane closure to complete the work. This will be communicated by using yellow and black signs by the side of the junction.

During the work we will need to reduce the speed limit on the M42 near Junction 3 to 50mph and a slip road to 30mph to ensure the safety of the workforce.

What does this mean for motorists?

During the full closures we provide signed version of roots. They’ve been agreed by both Worcestershire and Warwickshire County Council, please see the map images in this post for details of the diversion routes.

There are expected delays of up to 30 minutes on the M42 on the A435 at peak times. In view of this if you have an alternative route or can travel at peak time and please consider to do this. The highways Agency have thanked you for your patience during this work.

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