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Council To Upgrade Play Area

There some exciting news coming for the younger residents of Church Hill North.

The current play area situated in Upper Field Close is to be upgraded with new and improved equipment, fencing and landscaping.

This will include recycled plastic sleepers to replace the damaged wooden sleepers which retain the large mound and these will be included within the play area to remove the litter trap between the wall and the fencing.

There has also been some work undertaken to remove the small trees/scrub around the pond to create better natural surveillance and improve the impact of the beautiful large Oak trees. As part of the project we will provide more sturdy and safe fencing (Galvanized bow top) which have been recycled around the pond to secure this area so that it is safer for young children and families.

There will also be some improvement work to the leading pathway access to the play area once the play area works is completed. The play project works is being completed using local development funding specifically for play and open space.

The play area shall be closed for around 10 days weather permitting that work can begin.

See the attached image for how the play will look once completed, some of the item locations may have been amended slightly to plan.

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