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Could incident mean its time for a junction rethink?

There was another incident in Church Hill Centre on October 15th. It happened at the junction with Tanhouse Lane, Church Hill Way and Melbury Way. Several people received injuries in a traffic collision.

Traffic coming from either direction, Tanhouse Lane or Melbury Way isn’t required to stop to allowed pedestrians to cross from the Centre site to the car park and visa versa as the point pedestrians use to cross is not an official recognised crossing point.

We have seen a number of occasions traffic stopping in one direction to allow pedestrians to cross, but traffic continuing in another, as the ‘crossing’ is not an official crossing, therefore resulting in several near-misses.

This junction is about design. Clearly if an official crossing was put in, this would then result in traffic possibly queueing, and there into enough space to accommodate this on either the Tanhouse Lane or the Melbury Way side.

We at Church Hill Blog have made contact with both Redditch Borough Council and Worcestershire County Council for their thoughts and possible investigation and whether a rethink on this road layout is needed.

Have you experienced any issues with New Church Hill Centre and the road layout or vehicles parking where they could cause a possible obstruction? Do you have thoughts and views on the road layout? Do let us know.

Reporting by Matt Toomer and Adam Bennett, with additional content from West Mercia Police.

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