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The Ditch News Bulletin

Ravensbank Drive flood alleviation works

Work starts today on the flood alleviation works on the land south of Ravensbank Drive. The area is at risk according to the Environment Agency’s surface water flood model and the work is to protect various properties and infrastructure downstream the surrounding land is due to be used a flood storage area. The balancing area will store water back and create a wetland environment. This application is to divert the existing watercourse away from the properties at Fairford Close by…

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Grass Cutting In Church Hill

Redditch Council seem to be behind with their grass cutting of late. It's reported to be almost four foot high on some parts of Paper Mill Drive alone, a mixture of grass and high weeds. It’s a safety issue and it’s not visually nice. It has become overgrown and looked bad. Residents pay council tax for things like grass cutting, tree and hedge management and litter picking to be done and some end up doing it themselves. According to the…

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Footpath resurfaced

The main entrance way footpath has been at the newly refurbished play park in Upper Field Close. This completes the major works on the park upgrade for now.

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Bomford Hill Drainage Works Completed

Work has been carried out to tame the runway water off Bomford Hill. Currently the runoff, ends up on the foot and cycle path at the foot of the hill and freezes during the cold weather making it a hazard for pedestrians and cyclists, it has also been known to end up in some gardens of some rather unfortunate residents of Oldbury Close. Matt Toomer, the Editor of Church Hill Blog says “back in the late 80s a drainage pipe…

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Bomford Hill Drainage Improvement

The problem of the runway water off Bomford Hill is to be tacked over the coming weeks. Currently the runoff, ends up on the foot and cycle path at the foot of the hill and in some gardens of some rather unfortunate residents of Oldbury Close. New ditches pipe and swales are to created and be installed to capture the rogue water and whisk if off away from the paths and houses. We'll be following the work and shall kept…

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Council To Upgrade Play Area

There some exciting news coming for the younger residents of Church Hill North. The current play area situated in Upper Field Close is to be upgraded with new and improved equipment, fencing and landscaping. This will include recycled plastic sleepers to replace the damaged wooden sleepers which retain the large mound and these will be included within the play area to remove the litter trap between the wall and the fencing. There has also been some work undertaken to remove…

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Church Hill Pond improvements

The Pond is located at the top of Northleech Close. It has been here since the land was a deer park and before the housing estates were built, the marlpool was modified to take run-off water from the surrounding land. It has become overgrown and rather untidy.It has also flooded on occasions in heavy rain. During October and November the Landscape and Drainage teams performed some vegetation clearance around the pond which they’ve nearly completed, then they will consider if…

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