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Bomford Hill Drainage Works Completed

Work has been carried out to tame the runway water off Bomford Hill. Currently the runoff, ends up on the foot and cycle path at the foot of the hill and freezes during the cold weather making it a hazard for pedestrians and cyclists, it has also been known to end up in some gardens of some rather unfortunate residents of Oldbury Close.

Matt Toomer, the Editor of Church Hill Blog says “back in the late 80s a drainage pipe was laid across the entire length of the foot of Bomford Hill and this worked, but over the years the land has become compacted and the water cannot enter it and instead end up on the foot-way. I have been trying to get this issue sorted for the community and working together with the water management team I think this solution will work.”

Church Hill Blog visited the site to take a look at the works and see how they were coming along.

Contractors are digging new ditches and swales and installing pipes to catch the rogue water and move it off away from the paths and houses.

The works are now completed and Joe Baker from North Worcestershire Water Management said “The site may look a bit butchered ta the moment but it will recover as the growing season approaches, the hill is severely waterlogged and we hope these works to improve drainage will begin to drain the hill and dry it out”.

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