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Another road incident at Church Hill Centre

Is a rethink or a redesign needed with the road layout at Church Hill Centre? The Junction with Tanhouse Lane, Church Hill Way and Melbury Way?

There was another incident in Church Hill Centre on October 15th at around 8am. Several people received injuries in a traffic collision.

As Church Hill Blog understands from Worcestershire County Council, they are waiting for West Mercia Police to report the circumstances of the matter to them as the transport authority before any conclusions are drawn. It is understood that driver behaviour is a possible factor in this case and the police are still investigating this incident, therefore criminal charges could be laid. From Church Hill Blog understanding the bus lane was used, which is illegal for private traffic and freight. Enforcement of this would be a police matter and it is not known if enforcement is to be carried out.

We have been told once Worcestershire County Council have the reports from the police it is said a series of meetings will be held with officers and the cabinet member for highways to see what can be done. Worcestershire County Council have reviewed this junction before and have said they have been unable to come up with any improvements. Apparently few incidents on this junction have been reported to the county council and there is very little incident dater on this junction.

There have been several previous incidents at the junction one of which we reported back in May of this year. The junction of Tanhouse Lane, Church Hill Way ( The Bus lane) and Melbury way is a very poorly designed junction that is very difficult to do anything with. There are many technical issues and problems with the junction design including that it intersects a straight bus lane.

Have you experienced any issues with the road, bus lane or New Church Hill Centre layout, the road layout or vehicles, using, parking or stopping where they could cause a possible obstruction?

Do you have thoughts and views on the road layout and design or traffic in the area?

Do let us know via comment, Direct Message or via the contact page

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