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Landscaping: An Overgrown Church Hill

Redditch is looking very overgrown right now, trees, hedges, grass all over the town are in real need of management.

Church Hill is one example with many of the footways overgrown and people experiencing ‘loss of light’ from high trees.

The Council landscape team are currently dealing with over 600 jobs in the Redditch area of reports of trees needing cutting, and or removing.

Redditch has over one million square metres of grass.*
Redditch has over 100 miles of mature hedges.*
Redditch has over 3 million trees.*

Some areas of Church Hill have not been managed in years and it seems it has now all come at once where it needs seeing to.

If the Council managed the landscaping well, and did the job fully in the first place and did it well, they wouldn’t have to return to the location to do anything else to it.

Allegedly Redditch was designed as a ‘hidden’ town, planted with trees and hedges to make if feel as it you were ‘in the countryside’ and so that if you went up on higher ground you couldn’t see it. Perhaps that wasn’t such a good idea giving the amount of management and resources it appear it now needs.

If you have a landscaping issue, you can report it here:…/environmental-services.aspx

* Information from Redditch Borough Council

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